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    A new challenge
    for intellect

Our Advantages

How do we differ?

  • 239 people-years experience in marketing, promotion and segmentation in the pharma markets in South East Europe.
Work Model
  • Flexible and optimal structure, fast decision-making, results oriented.
  • Managmement use a marketing model created in the USA. It guarantees the transition of every product into a market leader.

Product => Decrease market entry time => Optimize cost and expenses => Market Leader

  • Reliable and trustworthy partner of Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare institutions in Bulgaria.
  • Compliant, ethical and transparent behavior in all aspects of the business.
Modern Technology
  • ETMS - a special software developed for the company allowing it to monitor and plan the activities of medical representatives.
  • ZINC - an online platform for creating ethical materials based on medical evidence.
  • WebEx
  • Teleconference

Our Success

Our success results from incessant challenge of the intellect!

Market leader

Our products - market leader just a few years after their launch:

  • N05A: Antipsychotics
  • J05A: Antiretroviral therapy
  • J02A: Systemic antimicotic drugs
  • L01X: Other antineoplastics (MM)
  • L02B: Other hormonal antagonists (mCRPC)
  • Measured using data from NHIF, IMS (% market share)

Successful launch of f pharmaceutical products in Bulgaria:

  • N05A: Invega, Xeplion, Trevicta
  • L01X: Velcade, Zytiga
  • J05A: Prezista, Intelence, Edurant
  • L04A: Stelara

NTS per employee are 659 000 Euro (2016)

Medical education
  • Realization of many educational training programs for doctors: 

    - Bridge for Building Compliance 2010

    - Making the Right Choice - Project MRC in frame of "Club Insight"

    - Project Focus - Educational program "PSP scale and Structured Interview Guide"

    - Project "Bridge to Desired Future" 2013


If you have any questions?

Feel free to contacts us!